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July 03 2017

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Philip Marazzi

July 01 2017

June 25 2017

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June 24 2017

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June 23 2017

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Boing, boing, boing… splash.

June 20 2017

June 19 2017

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June 17 2017

June 14 2017

June 11 2017

June 10 2017

June 04 2017

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Little dog excited about his big toy. [full video]

Mine, mine, mine

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Orphaned baby kangaroo jumps into human-made pouch

June 03 2017

May 29 2017

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Archisculpture by Beomsik WON

In the words of the artist Beomsik WON:

René Descartes viewed as beautiful the order and coherency of structures designed by a single architect; the purpose of the Archisculpture Photo Project, however, is to create architectural sculptures by collaging photographs of diverse architectural works from various architects. In this way, Archisculpture Photos are both similar and different to the organic romanticism of old cities built through the works of myriad architects, for they represent the artist’s subjective interpretation and decisions regarding various architects’ numerous designs.

May 20 2017

May 03 2017

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May 01 2017

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